Fox 61: Connecticut Coverage

Thanks for sharing our story, Fox 61 and Jim Altman! 😇

Bikers visiting Farmington take the high road on mission in motion


A Big Thank You to Bob’s BMW

Bob’s BMW Motorcycles is one of the largest, most respected BMW motorcycle dealerships in North America, and the winner of several awards for overall dealer excellence, customer satisfaction, and community service. A big thanks to Bob, Joe, and the crew for hosting us!

Outside at Bob's BMW

Awesome day with Bob, Joe, and crew

Bob & Joe - Bob's BMW

Bob Henig, Owner and BMW enthusiast, and Joe Southard, General Manager

Bob's BMW

Whatever you need, Bob’s got it.

Welcome, Chad!

A big welcome to Chad Warner, who has been passionate about motorcycles for over 40 years. Chad combines his love of the bike with his passion for travel and adventure, believing “the greater the adventure, the better the ride!” Chad serves on the board of directors for the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and is the newest Motorrad Angel. He wants to help people see the world with a fresh perspective as well as discover their true capabilities. We’re honored to have him join us. 😇

Chad Warner